About us

Cardiac Care is a company focussing on the Cardiac market. We take excellent Care of that market.

As founder of this company I know very well what this market needs and where to find the right products for our customers. We work very close together with our customer and manufacturer to introduce the right product at the right place and at the right moment.

In this highly innovative and competitive market, changes take place every day and you have to stay on top and follow the literature, congresses and the early stage companies. This is more than normal work; this is a MISSION WITH A VISION.

Cardiac Care wants to be the number one company in the Cardiac Surgery Operation Room. This means that we have to know what is going on and what the needs are. You can only achieve this when you have the right people on board. This is our strength; my people have extensive experience in the Cardiac OR. The Sales-team consists of Wout van Nierop, ex-Cardiac OR nurse, and Wim Snoeks,
10 years of experience as a clinical perfusionist and several sales and marketing positions in Cardiac Surgery companies. With these people on board I can say that training and education are the added values of my company.

I hope that this information gives you some more insight on Cardiac Care and the way we think, work and the passion we share: “Cardiac Surgery” and the mission we have “Cardiac Care”.

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